We provide the following services


Loss Adjusting

Modern industry and commerce is now driven by electronic systems and as such we are better placed to handle your loss adjusting requirements. Our qualified technical staff can diagnose and furnish you with a comprehensive and technically sound assessment report explaining all the technical aspects of the loss or damage and providing a solid base for decision making in line with the insurance policy in place.



From power stations and substations to the small plant and machinery as well as buildings and contents, we physically identify the risks to which you are exposed, analyse the frequency and severity thereof and prepare a comprehensive report covering findings and recommendations which empowers the underwriter to set correct terms and conditions which ensure proper risk management and for the loss ratio to remain within acceptable underwriting range.


Silviculture Risk Management

Our comprehensive silviculture risk surveys covers the following:

  • Physical inspections of plantations, fire breaks maintanance & maintanance of fire belts
  • Assessment of adequacy of fire fighting equipment and preparedness.
  • Aerial firefighting support assessment
  • Compliance (controlled/under canopy burning), association and membership as well as Acts/Regulations



We offer certified valuation services for property. Our team of engineers and other experts conduct property valuations of all kinds including power stations, substations, mining equipment, plant and machinery using specialist methods which ensure correct valuation and sum insured so as to avoid disputes in the event of claim due underinsurance and the operation of the average condition.


Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

As part of the modern approach to business we conduct ERM assessments (surveys and audits) for our customers and help in the implementation thereof. We undertake the full investigation of the processes, risk identification, analysis and control options available to the Organization’s business strategy and operations, Risk Management and internal controls in place, Geopolitical (Political Risk).


Urban Risk Profiling & Disaster Reduction

We conduct urban risk profiling (URP) aimed at reducing disasters, loss of property and human life. Critical for local authorities and municipalities. Flash floods in urban areas remain the largest peril resulting in many and often huge claims to insurers. Urban disasters impact growth causing eraser of the economic development gains as fixed assets are destroyed, interruption of production and business occurs.


Forensic Investigations

For claims cases needing specialist investigation our qualified and experienced forensic investigation specialists will conduct specialized investigations covering information collection, analysis and reporting of information with evidence thereby avoiding claims settlement delays but fair conclusion of insurance claims.

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