The origins of Dobieshepherd (Pty) Ltd is traced back to 2016 when two electronic technicians-Dobani and Shepherd, after realizing the abundance of skill and expertise between them hatched the idea of establishing an entity that embraces the three facets of risk management-namely identification, analysis and control. The focus then was control. From the humble beginning then as electronic technicians focusing on electronic risk control, we now boast of a team of experts and specialists properly qualified to provide quality, cost effective and value adding loss adjusting services backed by our deep knowledge of electronics. We believe electronics now drives modern commerce and industry and as such we are better placed to handle modern insurance claims which demand a great deal of electronic understanding. We pride ourselves as the experts when it comes to mordern claims adjusting.

Dobieshepherd (Pty) Ltd offers a range of risk managemnet support services to insurers, intermediaries and corporate entities. We are all round knowledge and experience of insurance and risk management matters with stand out tall in the SA Market and the region to offer professional loss adjusting services, risk surveying and valuation services

Vision & Mission

1Our Vision
We see ourselves as a top service provider in the risk management sector with your support.
We support the "man on the ball", the risk takers-insurers, intermediaries and corporates.

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